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Body Corporate Services – Plumbing

body corporate services

11 Nov Body Corporate Services – Plumbing

Queenscliff Plumbing are very familiar with strata schemes, strata laws and providing body corporate services. Each property which is managed by body corporate or strata schemes present different plumbing situations. We provide plumbing maintenance, preventive plumbing, gas services, and plumbing repairs across the entirety of the Northern Beaches. We happily assist both residents and body corporate services.

Strata schemes and strata laws aim to fairly distribute plumbing costs between body corporate and residents. Residents of strata covered buildings should be aware that some plumbing services are their responsibility to fix. Generally, these are relatively minor issues. Issues which affect large portions of a building are generally covered by strata fees. Queenscliff Plumbing can provide body corporate services both residential and commercial strata buildings.

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