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Plumbing on Heritage Listing Buildings

18 Jan Plumbing on Heritage Listing Buildings

Completing plumbing jobs on heritage listing buildings can be challenging. There are many limitations when it comes to restorations and fixing these older buildings. The style, materials, and colours need to remain as close to the original building as possible. “The aim of heritage conservation is to ensure that the cultural significance of heritage items is maintained over time. While changes may be necessary to adapt heritage buildings to new uses, it is important to ensure that these changes do not compromise the heritage significance of the item.” (Heritage Information Series: How to Carry Out Work on Heritage Buildings & Sites) A heritage consultant is sometimes required to ensure that any maintenance is in accordance to guidelines.

There are plenty of homes and buildings on the Northern Beaches which are heritage listed, particularly in Manly. We recently had a job to install new copper down pipes on a building in Manly (pictured below). This is an example of a repipe job which had to be in accordance with heritage guidelines. These guidelines always recommend preventive plumbing and plumbing maintenance for helping conservation. We have plenty of experience in heritage listing restorations across the Northern Beaches. There plenty of Sydney Water reservoirs and sewage pumping stations on the Northern Beaches which are covered by the state heritage guidelines.

heritage listing

Is your building heritage listed?We have been asked to install new copper down pipes to this building to bring it back to its former glory. #nodayisthesame

Posted by Queenscliff Plumbing on Wednesday, 13 January 2016

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