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Summer Plumbing & Thermal Imaging Scanner

thermal imaging scanner

08 Dec Summer Plumbing & Thermal Imaging Scanner

Too often these days, home owners are slow to react to their plumbing situations. With our thermal imaging scanner, we can see potential ‘red-lights’ that could turn into drastic problems down the road and can be easily fixed before coming a permanent problem. Lifestyle changes around summer are often the cause of plumbing emergencies around the Northern Beaches. Don’t let emergency plumbing ruin your summer.

Constant and repeated plumbing checks are essential in keeping your household safe and sound, especially in summer when a range of problems do increase. Having the kids home over the summer break means that your toilet pipes are working extra hard, so make sure they know what they’re supposed to flush down the toilet. The same applies to your washing machine; while they don’t have a school uniform to wear, there may be double the amount of clothes to wash. Make sure that the hose connected to your washing machine is free from leaks as to avoid any problems over the summer. Another tip is to prepare your sewer lines over summer, as there tends to be more rain. Roots will grow towards these pipes in order to seek the nutrients they provide.

A fantastic way to proof your plumbing this summer is with thermal imaging. A thermal imaging scanner is essentially an X-Ray for your pipes. We are able to see potential problems with blockages or leaks that may arise to be a bigger hassle in the future. Without tearing down any walls or opening any pipes, we are able to see the dangerous areas in your plumbing, making it very cost effective. We can also focus our attention on those hard to reach places that may not normally receive any attention.

While these tips may help you in the short-run, our team at Queenscliff Plumbing is more than qualified to help you over the summer. Equipped with our thermal imaging scanner, there is no problem that we are not able to help you with.  Contact us for all Northern Beaches home, business and strata plumbing needs.

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